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Spring 2021
  • Ken Clark's first as editor.
  • Modelling early British Railways - by Ian Simpson.
  • Private owner wagon transfers for H0 - by Ken Clark.
  • Road vehicles report - by Richard Sweetman.
  • Two useful chassis for H0 bodies.
  • 3D printing for the H0 modeller - by Ian Simpson.
  • Figures for H0 - by Ken Clark.

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September 2013

  • Martin Wykes' last as editor.
  • GNSR coaches from brass etches - by Kenneth Clark.
  • Southern Railways Class 70 in metal and plastic - by D Hood.
  • Lowering the Rivarossi 'Royal Scot' - by Lorenzo Ricotti.
  • Queenborough Cement Company van from machine-cut plastic parts - by Lorenzo Ricotti.
  • Survey of Land Rover and associated vehicles - by Richard Sweetman.
  • IHA telescopic hood wagon from a merging of the Roco and Dapol models - by Martin Petch.
  • Trade news: Mehano-Lemke 5-door Class 66s; Herpa Minitanks Churchill and Cromwell tanks; Roco 'Saladin' AFVs; Roco VTG ferrywagon; Hornby-Rivarossi USATC S100 steam loco; Halling Blackpool Flexity 2 tram.

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May 2012

  • Modifying the Electrotren ferry van - by Martin Petch.
  • Short wheelbase Land Rover - review of the Welly model by Richard Sweetman.
  • 4Bep electric mulitple unit - D Hood shows how to make one.
  • 00 to H0: Diagram 1/307 tank wagon - by Chris Arnold.
  • Correspondence: Brian Pattenden writes about changes made to his exhibition layout 'Horton' for 2012.
  • Make a better signal box - an updated version of the 1991 Malcolm Carlsson article about the Heljan British signal box.
  • Trade news (announcements at the 2012 Nurnberg show): 5-door Class 66 models by ESU and Lemke; USATC S100 (‘0-3-0 TU’) from French company REE.


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July 2011

  • Trade news: "Goat" shunter in Britain; prefabricated house under construction; Cornish mine engine house; level crossing gates; steam plough engine; road vehicles for modern railway companies.
  • Road vehicles report: Alvis Td21; Lotus Super Seven; MB Actros refrigerated artic; Jaguar XJS Cabrio; BR Austin Mini Van; Land Rover; Defender.
  • Members' models: Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn 0-4-0T crane tank; Reliant Regal; road snow plough; Essex PCSO Smart car; Panda car; fifteen wagon conversions by John Allison.
  • Lisbury Halt - Chris Arnold's diorama that can be used as a layout extension.


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April 2011

  • Trade news: USATC S100 tank loco; ex-USATC wagons; USATC wagon couplers; Habfis bogie ferry vans.
  • Road vehicles report - Richard Sweetman reports on: Opel/Vauxhall Omega and Kadett/Astra; Post Office Telephones van; Royal Mail van; 'New' Mini Countryman; an unfinished house.
  • Building and improving the Kleinspoor EM2 / NS 1500 kit: by Jan Waszink, with additional material by Phil Burkett.
  • MKD kits for Britain: Kenneth Clark traces the strange origins of some useful building kits.
  • Box on wheels: David Alexander looks at the chassis beneath the Bachmann 'Salty' loco.


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October 2010

  • Irmin Road rebuilt - John Allison explains the changes to his portable layout.
  • H0 from 00: A non-pool private owner 12ft open wagon - by Lorenzo Ricotti.
  • Road vehicles report - Richard Sweetman reports on: Post Office Telephones, Royal Mail, and Cooper Racing Mini vans; cheap artics from supermarkets; Mercedes Viano; City of London Police Vito and VW.
  • Improve the Lima H0 scale 20 ton standard British Railways brake van - by Keith Trueman and Andrew J Eatch (article consolidated from issues 7 and 21), illustrated using Phil Burkett's rendition of the model.
  • Trade news: Austin Mini Cooper models; British Rail station staff; drawing software for decals.


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July 2010

  • Kirkley Mills Mk.II - Howard Brooking's layout.
  • Trade news: A.C.M.E. Whitcomb Bo-Bo diesel reviewed; 9ft and 10ft BR wagon chassis etches; Mk1 BG vans (on back page).
  • More scratch-built locos by John Furmage: L&Y 0-8-0 and LNER A4.
  • Lima 4F tender modifications by Julian Earp.
  • Building a ‘Cordon’ GWR twin gas tank wagon - by Lorenzo Ricotti


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April 2010

  • Trade news: Whitcomb Bo-Bo diesel; decals for BBC News 40ft container; Truck Tuner tool; Athearn SW1000 and SW1500 as source of chassis; London taxi kit; sound decoders for classes 08, 33 and 42; Type F ferry sleeper coaches released; Krone Big X, JCB 8250 and trailer; Y25 bogies and 40ft containers from LS Models.
  • Rivarossi LMS coaches reappraised by Phil Burkett (including evidence of their use in carmine and cream livery in Scotland).
  • D10800 investigated as suitable subject for an H0 model.
  • Operating John Allison's layout 'Shatterstone'.
  • John Furmage describes how he builds his large layouts.
  • Road vehicles reports: Brekina Opel Blitz (Bedford); Austin Mini vans and Countryman; Alvis Saracen, Salamander and Stalwart.
  • Correspondence: best basis for SW1001 Yeoman shunter.


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January 2010

  • Trade news: SW1001 body shell set; V211 "TSO" diesel locomotive; Bachmann P&T models.
  • Road vehicles report: Hillman Minx IIIa; Ford Anglia; Ford Cortina Mk1; Jaguar XK.
  • Correspondence: scales of card building kits; prenationalisation wagons; models by Spanish company Guisval.
  • Midsomer Norton: Tony Harvey's home layout.
  • BR OTA timber carrying wagon: Lorenzo Ricotti converts a Continental wagon.
  • More perfect Land Rover conversions by Gerald Blümer.
  • The Playcraft redemption: Chris Arnold takes a closer look at some items from this vintage range to see if they are worth buying.


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October 2009

  • Tim Stevens' model of a Class 66 in DB Schenker livery.
  • Trade news: Precision Decals; on-track plant; Ford 'ferry' van; Mehano locos; ex-Lima 'Deltic' by Hornby; 20ft and 40ft (8ft tall) containers; Type F sleeper model variants.
  • David Alexander's guide to how he created an H0 'Deltic'.
  • John Furmage's scratch-built locos: Caledonian Sky Bogie 4-4-0; Highland 'Strathpeffer' 0-4-4 tank; Highland 'Gordon Castle' 4-6-0 tank; Caledonian 4-4-0 Dunalastair 4; Midland Baldwin 2-6-0.
  • Correspondence: members' queries about split axles, card kits, Spanish ferry wagon model, and EE shunter.
  • Brekina RHD Rover P6 wipers.
  • British wheeled AFVs: Austin Champ, Saladin, Bedford RLB 3 ton lorry, Saracen Mk2.
  • Road vehicles report: Morris Minor 'panda', super-detailed Jaguar E-type, army recovery vehicle.


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July 2009

  • 2009 Malcolm Carlsson Award: Classes 26 and 27, 56xx and wagons, Class 47 (winner: Lorenzo Ricotti), butane tank wagon, Mk1 restaurant car with Commonwealth bogies, TOAD, Baby Deltic, OTA stake wagon.
  • Trade news: HM Queen and Prince Philip, London doubledecker bus, ModelTorque motor replacements and the alternatives, Sentinel 230hp 0-4-0DH.
  • Lorenzo Ricotti's Commonwealth and BT10 bogie sideframes.
  • British H0 in the wider world.
  • Correspondence: The way ahead?, Singles, French locomotives for Britain.
  • Brian Pattenden's recent models: Class 33 on Mehano chassis, Firedrake Jinty, Mehano Class 66.
  • Further releases in 1:87 scale from Siku: Liebherr mobile crane, JCB tractor with hook-lift trailer, helicopter stunt team, John Deere 9630 with Amazone Centaur.
  • Road vehicles report: Lotus sports cars and an American Hummer.
  • IHA international steel coil carrier - created by Martin Petch.
  • USATC wagons unload after D-Day.


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April 2009

  • Trade news: Grainflow Polybulk bogie wagon; Southdown Lodekka bus; Dennis Dragon double-decker buses; CIWL Type F sleeper coach; digital coupler system; Bedford RLB 3 ton lorry.
  • DREAMS! - John Allison looks at loco models of the past and of the future.
  • Pactin Waterside revisited - round the back of Julian Earp's layout.
  • Models of the late Malcolm Carlsson - featuring photographs of West Country SR 'Blackmore Vale', LMS 2P, LMS 4F, SR E2, 'Warship', BR 'Express Parcels' van, SR 4-wheel green utility van, SR 4-wheel brown utility van, Class 33, WD 2-10-0, NCR 18 saddle tank, and skirted saddle tank.
  • Pandas and jam sandwiches - road vehicle report.
  • But is it 1:87? - testing the scale of road vehicle models.
  • Fleischmann's 'Warship': the promise and the practice - including a method of lowering.


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January 2009

  • Trade news: CIWL Type F CAD images; wagon posters; 'Battenberg' police Discovery 3; TPWS, TASS, and AWS track equipment; track voltage reducer; road, agricultural, and boat models from Siku.
  • 00 to H0: Chris Arnold revisits the classic J72 to J73 project.
  • Mick Scarrow’s and John Pearce’s exhibition layout: Chinnor cement works and station.
  • Hollywood Foundry 'Bullant' drive mechanism used in Lima 4F tender: Howard Brooking reports.
  • FNA nuclear flask wagon modelled by Phil Burkett.
  • VDL Bova Magiq road coach spotted by Phil Adcock.
  • Richard Sweetman's road vehicle report: British lorries.
  • Correspondence: Malcolm Carlsson's unfinished Unrebuilt Merchant Navy.


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October 2008

  • Trade and modelling news: New home for BB shunters, and Trix model of Köf II; Class 47; GWR buffer; Triumph Streamliner; Herpa 'Classic' Range Rover.
  • Richard Sweetman's road vehicles report: Rover P6s and Morris Minors; future model preferences.
  • Chris Arnold's 'Grangeburn' layout.
  • Gerald Blümer’s amazing conversions of Land Rover and Range Rover models.
  • Lorenzo Ricotti's thorough re-work of the Roco EE shunter into a Class 08, including a detailed guide to painting.


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July 2008

  • Malcolm Carlsson Award 2008 entries and winner: 'Deltic', 'Jinty', Class 50, NIR Grill Bar no. 547.
  • Trade news: 22-RB cranes and earth moving equipment; boats and buildings; 'Warship' and Bulleid coach clearout; Ford Transit fish & chip van, British Rail van, and police minibus.
  • Society news: 2009 AGM to be held at SVR's 'The Engine House', Highley.
  • Pactin Waterside: layout by Julian Earp.
  • Vernon Wood's 'Dean Goods' described by Malcolm Carlsson.
  • TCA bogie tank wagon built by Lorenzo Ricotti
  • Richard Sweetman's road vehicle reports: Minitanks range; Rover P6; ISO containers to print out.


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April 2008

  • Vernon Wood's 'Burford' locomotives.
  • Trade news: models that turn out to be H0; 'Collett of Halifax' heavy duty articulated transporter; Saxby signal box; right-hand drive Austin Minis; BullAnt motor bogies; Minitanks range new owners; new Night Ferry coaches promised; latest cars from Jens Mueller; possible replacement mechanism for Fleischmann 'Warship'; members' decals for HTP wagon; GWR, USATC, and 'Silver Princess' railway fonts; low-emission ('5-door') Class 66 announced; another New Mini.
  • Upton-on-Steyne: John Allison shows a realistic operating sequence on his latest layout.
  • Members' models: PIB/JIA lwb grain hopper made by Martin Petch; 'Spar' and 'Renold' HGVs, Jaguar racing car, Austin 1100, and red MCW taxi found by Phil Adcock; lwb Land Rover, ex-HK bus, open and closed Routemasters, buffer stop, and four-wheel wagon from 009 found and made by Chris Arnold.
  • ISO containers in 1:87 scale - an investigation.
  • The Playcraft Night Ferry coach - examined in detail.
  • Correspondence: from someone thinking of starting in H0; from an Eddie Stobart fan who discovered new HGV models on the Society stand at Eurotrack2008; from the editor of a much respected magazine regarding the usability of the Brawa Köf II shunters with Kadee magnets; from a member with some rare British H0 items for sale.
  • Richard Sweetman's road vehicles report, including: MG TF & MG 7; a truck reliverying company; prices for the Grinwis car carrier kit; what's going to happen to an Austro-Daimler ADR 22/70; Rolls Royce 'Silver Cloud'; Lotus 49 racing car and team carrier; Austin Mini police car; Metropolitan Police Lamborghini Gallardo; Manchester Police Range Rover in 'Battenberg' colours.


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January 2008

  • Member's models at Warley 2008: Class 55 'Deltic' by David Alexander; NIR grill bar coach no. 547 by David Chambers; Barclay WD 153hp 0-4-0DM from Phil Adcock; 4F 0-6-0 by Phil Burkett; Yorkshire Engine Company 0-6-2T (JNR 2120 class) from Andrew Emmerson; Steel Company of Wales Alco shunter by Phil Burkett.
  • Trade news: Woodhead 'Tommy' from MK Modelbouwstudio; Night Ferry fourgons by AMF87; Setra right-hand-drive coach from AWM; Morris Minor Mini and Nash Metropolitans from WideA; index of articles and drawings for British H0 modelling in Model Trains International issue 73; H S Walsh tools catalogue; motor chassis for unmotored Croydon tram model; axlebox/spring units from the Society; 12 inch diameter buffer heads for pre-Grouping wagons from 51L/Wizard Models.
  • Road vehicles report by Richard Sweetman, including: Grinwis car carrier with Land Rover load; Schuco Jaguar XJS convertible; Rover 3500 Metropolitan Police car.
  • 1937 Dover-Dunkerque train ferry exhibition layout - rediscovered by Andrew Emmerson.
  • Mick's message.
  • Building a rake of BR TTA wagons - by Lorenzo Ricotti.
  • The Night Ferry sleeper service in its final years - story and photos by Alan Trotter.
  • Correspondence: shrinking models using 'Hydroshrink'; Austerity 2-10-0 for sale; Bulleid restaurant car modifications update; Piccolo AEC RT bus reviewed and enhanced.


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October 2007

  • Trade news: Croydon trams; Unimog 421; Cessna 172 & EC135; Ferguson TE tractor; MF8280 tractor; ISO containers; BR Mk1 bogie sideframes; undecorated body shells for Roco EE shunters; AEC RT bus; Croydon Tramlink-type Klv and KLA support vehicles; Class 66 with sound; "Joe Sharp" artic cabs; "Monex" Scania R TL artic; four-wheel tank wagon; Alco S1 with Margam steelworks decals; Eddie Stobart artics.
  • Mick's message
  • 1:87 scale working train ferry
  • 00 to H0: Hornby Class 43 - Stephen Ellingham
  • Correspondence: the scale of Matchbox and EKO vehicles; resizing die-cast models; an inconvenient truth
  • Creating a Class 47 - Lorenzo Ricotti
  • Road vehicles report by Richard Sweetman: cars of the 1960s and 1970s - part 1
  • Thrall MBA wagons for EWS - description of kit for a rake of five "megaboxes"


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July 2007

  • Trade news: Brawa Köf II; GUV, CCT and BR ferry van decals; Class 14 brass etch; Brawa megafret; unmade Firedrake Bulleid West Country kit; "Tommy" gets go-ahead; MJT sprung buffers
  • Cardwells - layout by John Allison
  • Mick's message
  • Readers' models picture special: Brian Pattenden's freight train; Stephen Ellingham's Gresley 52ft 6in full brake coach; Alan Bickley's Class 52 'Western'; Dave Alexander's 'Deltic' cab; Stephen Ellingham's Bulleid tavern car; Dave Alexander's TPO
  • Road vehicles report - retrospective by Richard Sweetman
  • H0 Iarnród Éireann 141 Class made from a card kit by Dónal Murray
  • Restaurant/kitchen cars for Bulleid's 6-car Bournemouth dining sets - modelled by David Armitage
  • MoD HTP fuel tanker modelled by Lorenzo Ricotti


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April 2007

  • Trade news: Baldwin 2-6-0 from Roundhouse; Rother Valley Railway brake van from Australia; Model Power AC/Shelby Cobra; Marklin grain hopper wagons for 'Polybulk' conversion; Preiser unpainted posable uniformed figures; MSL Hobbies 'Tommy' (deposit required); Bachmann E-Z Track
  • Carholme Yard, Lincoln - John Pell's mini layout for shunting
  • Modelling a full-length Eurostar - Arjen Dijkgraaf shows how it's done
  • Giving continental loop couplers delayed uncoupling - John Allison uses magnets
  • Road vehicles report: British Ford Transits from Brekina; Jensen FF and Hillman Minx Mark III from Jens Mueller; Range Rover and Discovery Mk3 from Universal Hobbies
  • Using Kadee couplers with British HO - coverage of 20-series, 30-series, 50-series and 150-series couplers
  • Correspondence: hazards of misidentifying Lima 00 models; easy way to lower Rivarossi LMS coaches; extending the Playcraft travelling post office vehicle; strangeness of the Playcraft Mk1 restaurant car; buying torpedo vents from Australia
  • Eurotrack 2007 exhibition - report
  • Mick's message


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January 2007

  • Trade news: Woodhead line "Tommy"; spare undecorated body shells for Roco EE shunter; Triumph motorcycle; Belgium-Britain ferry vans; 1952 Ford Zephyr 6 Mk1; Inspector Morse's Jaguar Mk2; classic Mini; JCB diggers; MTI 67; Siku New Minis; Jaguar X Type and Jaguar Mk 10; source of FA2 and FB2 units; single British policeman; Metropolitan Police Ford Focus and Ford Transit minibus; rerelease of Roco 4-wheel ferry vans
  • A photo montage of Arjen Dijkgraaf's full-length Eurostar (full story in Satellite 50)
  • Mick's message; a message from the Hon. President; Society news
  • British H0 layouts and models seen at the Warley 2006 national model railway show
  • Fitting Kadee couplers to British H0 models
  • Correspondence: Playcraft TPO; to shunt or to tail-chase?; fooling the eye
  • Road vehicles report: more about horse-drawn vehicles; 2006 deliveries and 2007 predictions; Metropolitan Police Lamborghinis
  • Lorenzo Ricotti's improvements to the BYA steel coil carrier wagon kit


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October 2006

  • 57xx pannier tank steam loco model kit relaunched
  • Two British H0 layouts to be shown at Warley '06: "Horton" and "Shatterstone"
  • Correspondence: Strange Lima van identified as Australian LV
  • Phil Rivers suggests reboilering the Lima 4F using a cigar tube
  • Mick's message
  • Trade news: replacement chassis for Lima 4F in etched nickel-silver; Electrotren item 1595, Transfesa ferry van; buffers for modern freight wagons; new models of Austin A60, Morris 1100, Wolsley 6/110 and Triumph Mk2 cars; Lledo's 1931 AEC Renown "LT5"
  • 00 to H0: Jim Smith cuts down the Hornby cattle wagon
  • Irmin Road layout: John Allison adds depth and a low level yard
  • Fleischmann's Bulleid coaches: Stephen Ellingham investigates
  • Horse drawn transport, discovered and described by Richard Sweetman
  • British bus types created from Australian originals: models by David Armitage
  • Jonckheere Bermuda and Bova Futura coaches: Chris Arnold completes his recommendations


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July 2006

  • AGM gems: models entered for the 2006 Malcolm Carlsson Award
  • Efsi Jonckheere Bermuda coach remodelled by Chris Arnold
  • Trade news: Triumph Stag from Jens Mueller; Downloadable brick and texture sheets from Scalescenes; Radio controlled articulated lorries from Revell; Centurion MkIII tank from Artitec
  • CIÉ AEC-engined railcar by Donal Murray
  • Refurbished NBL Co. Type 2 locomotive by David Alexander (winner of the 2006 Malcolm Carlsson Award)
  • Irmin Road: self-contained battery-operated layout by John Allison
  • Road, military and flying vehicles: Cessna "Skyhawk"; Land Rover Series 2A; Challenger Mk2; Volvo P 1800 ES; BMX 2000 Tii Touring; Fiat X 1/9; MB Sprinter minibus; VW Crafter van
  • H0 steam locos from 00 models 3: Julian Earp creates a freelance 0-4-0T
  • Correspondence: EWS Class 66s from Mehano; Mystery Lima van; Bedford vans
  • Mick's message


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April 2006

  • Trade news: Society kit of 16ton "cupboard door" mineral wagon; new Mehano distributor appointed for UK; Airfix "HMS Bounty"; Roco "Cargowaggon"; Caledonian Railway Class 900 4-4-0 and other brass loco kits; Barclay 153HP 0-4-0D; Van Hool T9 road coach "Highland Heritage"; Wincanton MAN TG-L lorry; 8F
  • Glasgow Emerald - photos of Andrew Knights' layout
  • Ribu close-coupling devices investigated and fitted by Lorenzo Ricotti (also: home-casting buffers in resin)
  • Class 59 locomotive built from the Worsley Works brass kit by David Armitage
  • Road vehicles from Nuremberg 2006 toy fair and elsewhere
  • Black Five photo update - as built by Phil Rivers
  • Tim Stevens' converts an OO LBSCR Terrier into an HO E1
  • Correspondence: E W Twining's works; drawings offered for G6 locomotives; mineral wagon wheelbases
  • Mick's Message and Society news 


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January 2006

  • Trade news: Society Black Five; Tillig Pilz Ellite code 83 track and trackbed; M&S Jaguars; Roco four-wheel ferry van for "Societe Belgo Anglais Des Ferry Boats"; NACCO decal; Ian Lindsay Models 16ton mineral wagon
  • Mick's Message and Society news
  • Tim Stevens converts an OO LNER J72 into an HO Southern G6
  • Correspondence: GWR diesel parcel cars; a mini British HO festival; more anonymous GWR brass locos
  • British Bedford vans created from the Wiking model by Georg Helms
  • Warley 2005 reported in photos, including overview of John Allison's "D J Freight" layout
  • EM2 (Class 77) - Phil Burkett reviews the Kleinspoor kit
  • EM2 (Class 77) - photos of Arjen Dijkgraaf's Philotrain model in BR black livery
  • Road vehicle review by Richard Sweetman, including Jens Mueller's Aston Martin DB 5 and Triumph 2000 MkII


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October 2005

  • Trade news: Roco's steam-era ferry vans arrive; ex-Jouef grain hopper wagons for 2006; items for British HO modellers from the Conrad catalogue
  • Correspondence: the J50 model story; Black Five prototype details
  • Mick's message and Society news
  • Bulleid's travelling taverns - models by Stephen Ellingham
  • GWR "The Great Bear" Pacific express set - description and photos
  • Plasser & Theurer 07-16/32 tamper model - Phil Burkett adds a roof
  • 1/87 scale army - Richard Sweetman finds new military vehicles


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July 2005

  • Progress of the Society's Black Five project
  • Trade news: Roco's extensive release plans; Weico Bedford TK car recovery truck
  • Mick's Message
  • Malcolm Carlsson Award 2005 entrants and winner
  • More road vehicles for 1:87 scale - report by Richard Sweetman
  • Port Andham - John Allison's portable, folding, battery powered layout
  • An appreciation of Lima Mk2 coaches - by Phil Burkett
  • Correspondence: weathering; cattle wagons for Scotland; more on Weico lorries


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April 2005

  • 10th anniversary messages and Society news
  • Report from the Eurotrack Association 2004 show and from Eurotrack 2005
  • Trade news: new cast wagon buffers from the Society; Lledo Lodekka in London Transport red; four-wheel ferry vans from Roco; Class 66 from Mehano; Apocope slide-tarpaulin wagon
  • British HO layouts photo special
  • Entente Cordiale: Brian Coussell compares and contrasts GB and French trains over the years - photo special
  • Review of Bachmann's Plasser & Theurer 07-16 tamper, including adding digital control and a preview of adding a full-length roof
  • Road vehicles photo special
  • David Armitage builds a "Schools" class locomotive from Worsley Works parts


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January 2005

  • Usefulness of Mehano's V160 chassis to British HO
  • Trade news: Roco DCC-ready English Electric shunters; Rivarossi LMS first class coaches; Electrotren Hbfis ferry wagon; Corgi Churchill IV tank and Tiger Moth aeroplane; ERTL "Salty"
  • Mick's message
  • Society news: Satellite 42 to be in colour; membership renewal for 2005; Class 14 update
  • Warley 2004 reports, including launch of Society 16 ton mineral wagon kit
  • Reducing the ride height of the Rivarossi Royal Scot coaches
  • Dave Fisher builds and reports on the Society 10ft underframe kit
  • Donal Murray builds the "Silver Princess" stainless steel coach (includes drawings)
  • Richard Goring explains how he built his British HO collection in five months
  • Road vehicle news: a plethora of Morris Minors from Weico and Widea; Weico Austin flatbed lorry and Bedford TK flatbed lorry; Rietze Metropolitan Police Ford Focus
  • Correspondence: more flying machines (and some floating ones); loads and sidings for John Allison's Hemswell


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October 2004

  • Proposed LMS/BR jackshaft drive 0-6-0DE shunter from Judith Edge kits
  • Trade news: Mehano "British" diesel and steam train sets for the toy market; Ruston and Hornsby 165DS 0-4-0DM from Judith Edge kits; Model Trains International 53; Decals for Society GWR-built general merchandise van
  • Mick's message
  • Society news: membership renewal for 2005; commemorative Satellite 1:87 in colour; new venue for AGM on 7 May 2005
  • Items for sale and Society-related events
  • Society models list
  • Picture gallery special - Paul Taylor's photos of Brian Pattenden's "Horton" layout
  • The Pier - an HO tramway layout by Laurie A Cooksey
  • Magazine roundup - review of articles of interest to British HO modellers
  • The Lady is a tram - Julian Earp modifies an ERTL loco
  • Review of British HO aircraft - by Richard Sweetman
  • Correspondence: British HO lost locos; ERTL "Salty" a Ruston LLDS?; usefulness of US loco models for British HO; Bachmann OBW trolley motor and price


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July 2004

  • Martin Wykes' first as editor
  • Trade news: RCH 5-plank wagon and GWR/BR 12T van kits; Bulleid bogies; Perrier and Transfesa Hbfis ferry vans; Ibfls ferry refrigerated van; ferry flat wagon with pipe load; type 07-16 tamper; OBW10 rail-borne lorry; megafrets with ISO containers
  • Message from the President
  • Mick's Message
  • Society news: AGM 2004 report
  • Paul Taylor's Black 5 and other models
  • Survey of construction vehicles by Richard Sweetman
  • Layout: Hemswell by John Allison
  • Lima Class 33 visually slimmed by Chris Arnold
  • Correspondence: new ideas for models; US chassis; MTI 52
  • Items for sale and society-related events


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April 2004

  • John A Smith's last as editor
  • Notice of Society AGM; candidates for directorships
  • Mick's Message
  • Scratch-building a CIE Park Royal coach - Donal Murray - with drawings
  • News of 1/87 scale vehicles - Richard Sweetman
  • Al's anecdotes: searching for the right model; Society representation; another British HO web bit - Alan Bickley
  • Anchor symbol for Transport Maritime Ferroviaire company; Alexander Models USATC 0-6-0T still in production; new web site for Lima British HO range; the Marklin "Hogwarts Castle" is OO not HO; fitting Kadee #19 and #20 couplers to Pug and Terrier models
  • Preview: the Bachmann (UK) 07-32 tamper and OBW10 rail-borne lorry
  • Editorial marking four years with John A Smyth in the post
  • Profile of John A Smith, Editor of Satellite 1:87
  • Chris Arnold update on the ERTL shunters "Rusty", "Salty" and "Mavis"
  • Description: the Bachmann (US) Thomas the Tank Engine with moving eyes
  • Drawings by Donal Murray: Great Southern Railways Pullman restaurant car
  • Nuremberg trade fair 2004 report: friendlier digital controllers; Brawa megafret with ISO containers; Roco's two new English Electric shunter liveries; GB proposals from Rietze; Trident to distribute Hauler; Brekina releases Dixi as RAC Austin 7; Lledo Lodekka bus in Midland General livery; Roco's Land Rover; Shuco's New Mini
  • Magnetic knuckle couplers for NEM pockets from Bachmann
  • Fleischmann motor upgrade kit for Class 42 Warship
  • Layout: Tim Steven's "Littlepoint Wharf"
  • HO aircraft from Athearn - John A Smith
  • Society model sales report and listings
  • Separately enclosed: proxy form, with resolutions, for the AGM
  • Separately enclosed: free set of wasp stripe decals for the Roco English Electric shunter


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January 2004

  • Mick's Message
  • Profile of the modelling history of John H G Allison, Hon. President of the Society
  • Editorial
  • Society 10ft underframe: photos of completed chassis and completed wagons; Georg Helms describes how he built his; John Allison describes gluing them together, other wheelbases and brake gear; Mick Scarrow describes jigs for bending the etch, and brake lever bending
  • Modelling a CIE ex-Pullman car - by Donal Murray
  • Turn your TOAD into a Lavender Line passenger carrier - by Phil Burkett
  • Buying British HO on eBay - by Martin Wykes
  • Corgi Sopwith Camel - described by Martin Wykes
  • Notes on wagon modelling - by John Allison
  • Guide to Digit-Letter-Digit-Digit headcodes - by John Allison
  • Road vehicles report from Richard Sweetman: more "old cars"; Bedford CF; new models; twee cottages; new books; fate of the Rietze London bus and taxi
  • United States Army Transportation Corp 0-6-0T locomotive - prototype and models compared by John A Smyth
  • Models of Continent-GB wagons - discussed by Brian Coussell
  • DRS transfers for the HO Class 33 - reviewed by Stephen Ellingham
  • ERTL "Rusty" as a basis for an HO Ruston Hornsby diesel shunter
  • Tenshodo SPUD problems - Chris Arnold
  • Brawa megafret ultra-low container wagon - reviewed by Martin Wykes


Division line


October 2003

  • Society: message from the membership secretary/treasurer
  • Product announcement: 10ft wagon underframe etched brass kit from the Society
  • Mick's Message
  • Editorial, and announcement that a new editor will be required by Spring 2005
  • Extra coaches for the HO Eurostar from spare power-end coaches, Part 2 - Martin Wykes
  • The Satellite 1:87 team's great railway quiz
  • Hornby acHO 0-6-0T (SNCF 030TU) - some notes from David Fisher
  • David Fisher describes how to get the best from point motors mounted below the baseboard
  • Building an HO Class 27 - conversion from the Lima Class 33 by Donal Murray
  • A Condor called Dennis - getting the best from the Peak Horse 1:87 scale bus model
  • Scratch building an HO AC electric locomotive - a Class 83 from Donal Murray
  • Profile: Philip Rivers, Society Secretary
  • Class 33 project - description by Alan Bickley of his acclaimed entry in the 2003 Malcolm Carlsson Award


Division line


July 2003

  • Society: Mick's words after the AGM; note about the 2003 AGM minutes, which were included with the issue
  • Class 14 diesel shunter project announced
  • Mick's Message
  • Editorial
  • Malcolm Carlsson Award winner and runners up: Phil Rivers, Alan Bickley and Richard Sweetman
  • Alpine Valley Line Wiring - David Fisher
  • Neilsbridge - Stuart Robinson
  • Reducing the ride height of Lima Mk1 coaches - revisited
  • Lima Fowler 4F 0-6-0 loco no. 4547 and tender improvement - Phil Rivers
  • Stewart-Reidpath H0 Models - 1930s catalogue investigated by John Smyth
  • Rietze Seddon Atkinson articulated lorry in Parcel Force livery - Richard Sweetman
  • Boley "Dept 1:87" aircraft actually 1:72 scale
  • Road vehicles in 1:87 scale- Richard Sweetman: "Old cars"; Wiking Massey-Ferguson 8280 tractor; Triumph 2000 kit; Rietze Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus in Arriva livery; grille to convert MAN tractor units into ERF versions
  • Extra coaches for the HO Eurostar from spare power-end coaches, Part 1 - Martin Wykes


Division line


April 2003

  • Announcement of AGM Plus
  • Candidates for election as Directors of the Society
  • Chairman's column - Tim Stevens
  • Corridor gangways for Fleischmann coaches - Tim Stevens
  • Call for Stewart-Reidpath models or information - John Smyth
  • DCC update - Roco digital turnout motors - Martin Wykes
  • Editor's column - John Smyth
  • Improving Lima's BR Mk1 coach bogies and ride height - Phil Burkett
  • Mick's Message - from the Membership Secretary
  • RCH mineral wagon - drawings and description
  • Alpine Valley Line wiring for automatic operation - David Fisher
  • Exbury - description and photos of Stuart Robinson's layout
  • Road Vehicles - UK, RAF & USAF - Richard Sweetman
  • News of 1:87 vehicles for 2003 - Richard Sweetman
  • Oh what to do with all that 00 stuff - Chris Arnold
  • British Box-Cabs! - Phil Burkett
  • Nuremberg show report: Kibri P&T DGS 62-N dynamic track stabiliser; Kleinspoor EM2/Class 77 (NS1500); Deàk Class 66; Liliput ferry stake wagon
  • Trade news: Life-Like Proto 2000 FA2/FB2 for Class 33 chassis; live steam Y6 tram engine; Schuco MAN artic in TNT colours; NZG high quality construction vehicles


Division line


January 2003

  • Announcement of AGM Plus
  • Chairman's column - Tim Stevens
  • Editor's column - John Smyth
  • Mick's Message - from the Membership Secretary
  • Point Duty - curved rail as a direction changer - David Fisher
  • Steam Tram - Stuart Robinson converts an American streetcar into a British steam tram
  • Irish bogie sundries van - described with drawings by Donal Murray
  • Road Vehicles - RAF - Richard Sweetman
  • TPO - a preserved CIE travelling post office van descibed by Donal Murray
  • Evolution in action - David Fisher
  • Vinodh's Views - from Vinodh Wickremeratne in Sri Lanka
  • Trade news: Bachmann "Thomas"; Kirow 810 UK crane wagon model withdrawn; Spanish ferry wagons by Roco; second-hand Lima gems; Peak Horse double-deck right hand drive buses; ready-assembled P&T tampers; Life-Like ALCo S1 switchers; SE5a biplane
  • More Landrover news - Richard Sweetman
  • Model Power people and critters - John Smyth
  • Book review - "Rails Around Dublin" by Donal Murray - reviewed by John Smyth
  • Colour supplement - Cross-channel bulk powder/cereal hopper wagons - conversion instruction sheet - Martin Wykes and Phil Burkett


Division line


October 2002

  • Presidential ponderings - John Allison
  • Chairman' Column - Tim Stevens
  • Mick's Message - from the Membership Secretary
  • Editor's article - John Smyth
  • Romans, remains and romance - David Fisher
  • Vinodh's Views - from Vinodh Wickremeratne in Sri Lanka
  • Murray sub-division of the CPF - Donal Murray
  • Digital control - Lenz Compact vs Zimo 2000 - Martin Wykes
  • Military Vehicles - DROPS and Abbott - Richard Sweetman
  • Drawings: British Rail BRCW diesels - Donal Murray
  • Mercedes-Benz O405 bus conversion (to right-hand drive) - Martin Wykes
  • Alco switcher models - reviews by John Allison and John Smyth
  • Jouef 0-6-0T conversion (to British outline) - David Fisher
  • Show layout: "Horton" - Paul Taylor, Brian Pattenden, Graham Bodley
  • Media Watch: British HO items in Railway Modeller, Continental Modeller, Model Rail and Model Trains International
  • Trade news: CM-Laser peak-roof vans; BYA steel coil carrier; Brawa megafret; Roco digital container crane


Division line


July 2002

  • AGM 2002 report
  • Chairman's column - Tim Stevens
  • Mick's Message
  • Power wagon - David Fisher
  • Carrickmore and Ballybrook Railway - Dónal Murray
  • J72 into J73 - converting the OO Bachmann J72 into a 1:87 J73 - John Allison
  • Road vehicles news from Richard Sweetman
  • A philosophy - John Allison
  • Le Défi français - A French connection - David Fisher
  • There's more where this came from - Philip Rivers
  • Trade News; CM-Laser INTERFRIGO vans and Belgium-Britain vans; BYA steel coil carrier; Roco 0-6-0 English Electric Shunter
  • Land Rovers, Land Rovers everywhere - Richard Sweetman
  • British HO items at Nuremberg: Brawa Megafret twin-unit container flats; "810 UK" crane wagon in Grant Rail colours; Liliput lowside covered ferry wagon; Haberl & Partner "small signal levers"
  • Trade Reports: Goodbye to the Roco Habfis ferry/chunnel wagon?
  • Buses - three ways to get 1:87 scale right-hand drive buses: Peak Horse Dennis Condor; Green Max Isuzu Erga; and converting from continental buses
  • Buying second-hand British HO - a guide - Martin Wykes
  • Alco Switcher - observations - David Fisher
  • Diminution ideas - reducing 1:76 scale buildings to 1:87


Division line


30 (April 2002)

  • Eurotrack 2002 report
  • Editor's prize for motorising, etc., a 1:87 Benz-Patent Motorwagen
  • A source of drawings
  • Mick's Message
  • Great Southern Railways first class coach - Donal Murray
  • Buying on the internet: e-bay - Anthony Prosser
  • Television: the last word - Brian Coussell
  • An approximate Class 20 - John Allison
  • Adapting Fleischmann wagons - John Allison
  • Watlington finally - Mick Scarrow
  • Road vehicles news and Nuremberg report - Richard Sweetman
  • Bin Go! or "Contribulations" - David Fisher
  • Port Talbot ALCo S-1 switchers - model and prototype
  • Sentinel steam wagon by Hauler
  • Dioramas - Dave Fisher
  • Diesel ghosts (cardboard mockups)
  • Standards - Mick Scarrow
  • AGM notice and maps



29 (January 2002)

  • Warley 2001 reports: "The potential of British 1:87", display by Phil B.; "No room for a layout?", layouts by John A.
  • Mick's Message: how did you start in British HO?
  • Watlington, part 2: Mick's GWR branchline layout
  • Shedding light on Diminution: goods shed by David Fisher
  • Miscellaneous: LNWR warning sign; Rivarossi Royal Scot; standards; shrinking from reality; useful clamps; rubbish tips; coupler pivots
  • Trix models, described by Brian Coussel
  • The Roco 0-6-0 shunter, described by John Allison
  • The Peco train shed, modified by Donal Murray
  • More railway programmes on German satellite television, described by Dieter Pleus
  • Road Vehicles Officer's articles: British military support in 1:87; review of the Busch Mercedes M Class in British "battenburg" colours; decals for Volvo tractor unit
  • On destroying a layout - Chris Arnold
  • Terminus - by A J Eatch: on crowded workbenches and reading between the lines
  • Firedrake Productions 1:87 - an update from Andrew J Eatch
  • Trade: three new ferry vans from CM-Laser; first glimpse of new BYA wagon
  • Class 23 conversion - Donal Murray
  • Ed: on colour
  • Book review: "The Railway Dictionary"



28 (October 2001)

  • Society: committee meeting at Warley; members' benefits at Warley; re: more projects wanted
  • Ed: letter-sized print area; Satellite back-issue contents and timely publication
  • Mick's Message
  • Rivarossi LMS coaches continued
  • Miscellaneous: magazine watch; Royal Scot; corrections about NIR generator vans and "ATM"; P&T 07-32 tamper kit; models of locos with bells; spare couplings; trains on German satellite TV; potential subjects to write about; notes on USRA
  • Questions and answers: De Glehn Atlantic steam locos
  • Terminus - by A J Eatch: the Fonly lathe; standards
  • Road Vehicle Officer's articles: review of Trident Landrover 127 and Bedford MK; "jottings" about Preiser's specialist ranges, Kibri's construction models, Herpa's New Mini, Roco Land Rover conversions, and Wiking's street sweeper as an RAF runway sweeper
  • Is the Street Scenes' "London tube train" an HO model?
  • Trade: Seddon Atkinson artic from Model Rail
  • On the Toy Train Trail - by Dave Fisher
  • The contents of Satellite editions 1 to 27
  • Canadian Pacific Railway H1D Class 4-6-4 No. 2850 collector's models for sale



27 (July 2001)

  • Society: Class 66; Society decals; P&T 07-32 tamper kits; intelligence report; more projects wanted
  • Ed: Standards
  • Mick's Message
  • British cars, trucks and buses in 1:87 scale - by Richard Sweetman
  • The Fisher Actuator fully developed - by David Fisher
  • Northern Ireland Railways' 101 Class diesel-electric Bo-Bo (includes drawings) - by Donal Murray
  • Watlington in HO - by Mick Scarrow
  • Andrew's column: graph paper printer; magnifier; 08 shunter reference material source
  • Rivarossi LMS coaches
  • Champion locomotives
  • Vale of Morwynion - Stuart Robinson describes another of his layouts
  • A latching loop - by John Allison
  • Quick guide to RocoLine pre-ballasted track
  • Trix queries answered
  • Trade: Worsley Works covered combination truck 37ft sides and ends with added details, and bogie fret 9ft wheelbase
  • Book review: LNER wagons
  • Miscellaneous: dismantling Fleischmann Bulleid coaches; availablility of EKO cars



26 (April 2001)

  • Society: report from the AGMs
  • Mick's message
  • HO models of early British locomotives of the 1830s and 1840s - by Dr Paul E Waters
  • Trade: Cambridge Custom Transfers
  • Editor's message about the format of the journal
  • British cars and trucks in 1:87 scale - by Richard Sweetman
  • English Electric Shunters - by Anthony Prosser
  • Improving Fleischmann Bulleid coaches - by Georg Helms
  • CIE 121 class diesel locomotives - by Donal Murray
  • Valle Crucis: building a highly portable exhibition layout - by Stuart Robinson
  • Corrosion: the real and model railways - by J R Oliver
  • What's up? - an aerial observation from Dave Fisher
  • Rope Shunting - by J H G Allison
  • New items from the Nuremberg show - as gleaned from the magazines by Martin Wykes



25 (January 2001)

  • Society: legal arrangements for limited liability status
  • Editor's message about the new format and printing methods
  • Mick's Message
  • Getting to the point - a novel system for train-operation of points from Dave Fisher
  • Unimog motorisation - installing the sb-modellbau motorising kit - by Martin Wykes
  • Warley 2000 - a description of the Society stand display quadrants
  • Workshop tips from AJE
  • Trade News: More decals in 1:87 from Cambridge Custom Transfers
  • Six things to do with your Roco English Electric shunter - by Martin Wykes
  • Mail Order - further insights by John R Oliver
  • Taxi in H0 scale
  • Modelling German - by John R Oliver
  • Rolling the stock - shunting operations described by Dave Fisher
  • Improving the Lima Class 33 - by John Allison
  • Various British H0 things - by Georg Helms
  • A Question - Tim Stevens writes to Railway Modeller
  • Book Review by John A Smyth: British Rail Main line Diesel Locomotives by C J Marsden and G B Fenn



24 (October 2000)

  • Mick's Message - on his change of abode
  • Trade: Jinty progress; BR diesel and electric loco numbering transfers from CCT (sheet BL29); Victors restarts as mail order company; Class 59 motor chassis available; P&T track machine kits available to members at shows; Lledo Bristol Lodekka and the rest of the range re-released by Corgi at £2.99 per item
  • Liliput USATC Bo-Bo diesel shunter - survey of Second World War military rail vehicles available in 1:87 scale - by David Armitage
  • Blue Tiger - review by David Armitage
  • Simple, successful baseboards - by Stuart Robinson
  • Road and military: survey of models and reviews by Richard Sweetman
  • HOb? - suggestions for modelling broad gauge railway systems in HO, by Paul Taylor, with further comments by Phil Adcock and Donal Murray, and an offer of drawings of the CIE 141 class from Phil Burkett
  • The Brekina VW Variant Type 3 modified to the later design - by Andrew J Eatch, with an offer to supply the necessary parts
  • Letters: brass "Castle" availability; Die Bahn; Roco Habfis
  • HO coach conversions from Lima - Donal Murray creates CIE Mk2d restaurant and composite coaches from Lima stock
  • David Fisher recounts rail-based adventures from his past



23 (July 2000)

  • John A Smyth's first as editor
  • Appreciations of the editorship of Andrew J Eatch, who has retired from the post
  • Mick's Message - on Vernon Wood's "Madder Valley"
  • Society: stand at Warley 2000; Class 66 and Class 37 projects
  • Book reviews: Modellers' Guide to the LNER; Airbrush Painting Techniques
  • Profile: Phil Adcock, Society Chairman
  • Mayday calls: HO brass "Castle"?; "Night mode" layouts?
  • Master Pattern Making - by Andrew J Eatch
  • Trade: decals from Cambridge Custom Transfers; items from Allen Doherty; some Stockwatch items
  • As others see us: "HO: a kingdom undivided?" - from Loco Revue, March 2000
  • Scratch-built Irish HO freelance diesel locomotive - by Donal Murray
  • Lima CIWL car modified to a CIE Pullman - by Donal Murray
  • British Military Equipment in 1:87 scale, Part 1 : The Beginning - by Richard Sweetman
  • Going, Going, Gone: a last chance to buy the anglicisable Jouef 030TB? - by Dave Fisher in France
  • Product review: Wikberg driving wheels



22 (April 2000)

  • AJE's last edition as editor
  • Society: new members; new officers; new website address
  • Mick's Message
  • Trade (compiled by John A. Smyth): DJH Class 37 project; Plasser and Theurer 07-32 tamper kit; forthcoming wagons from CM Laser of Italy; forthcoming right-hand-drive modern bus from EurHo; some Stockwatch items; brass etch items available from Worsley Works; driving wheels from K Wikberg of Helsinki; forthcoming LMS/BR 3F 'Jinty' 0-60T kit from Firedrake
  • Proposal for Area Groups, from Stuart Robinson
  • AGM 2000 report
  • Who's who? Personal profiles
  • A Class 28 Metropolitan-Vickers Co-Bo (John Furmage describes how he made one in HO)
  • The perils of mail order (Dave Fisher)
  • The Bachmann/Armitage J50 - latest model from David Armitage (described by AJE)
  • Ruspidge - Dean Railway: a very full description by Stuart Robinson of his exhibition layout
  • Box files to stock boxes - Stuart Robinson describes how he stores and moves his exhibition rolling stock
  • Terminus: rambles around scale and gauge by AJE



21 (January 2000)

  • Society: AGM date; A E Roach; new members; back issue prices; The SNCF Society
  • Trade: Class 66 loco project; Class 37 loco project update; 2-10-0 Austerity 150 kit reintroduced; Firedrake Productions Jinty kit announced; wagon loads from Knightwing
  • Mick's Message
  • Turntable idea from Dave Fisher
  • Thoughts on branch line operation from Phil Burkett
  • Modelling skills used in wider contexts
  • Workshop: correct weighting for HO passenger and goods stock (researched by John A Smyth); in search of matt paint; home grown transfers; DIY buffers (by Mick Scarrow); wire gauge information
  • Another look at the Lima BR standard brake van: prototype notes; colour schemes; the Lima model; body; chassis; roof; painting A consolidated and updated version of this article has been published in issue 64
  • Looking out to sea
  • Reviews: Tillig Elite track system (reviewed by Tim Stevens); British Railways Brakevans and Ballast Ploughs, book by Eric Gent
  • Low Royds hospital railway: the prototype; the model; baseboards and general approach; permanent way; structures; scenery; rolling stock



20 (October 1999)

  • Vernon Wood remembered
  • Trade: Heljan loco scheme latest - first picture; KM Products Ltd (Kean Maygib) - their products and services; Liliput ferry vans and wagons; DJH Austerity 2-10-0 "scrapped" [later revived!]; no new run for Bulleid West Country at present; "The Booking Hall" model shop in London closes; sightings of Lima models at Tynemouth Station swapmeet
  • Trelawnyd - layout by Stuart Robinson
  • Steve Woof remembered
  • Kirkly Mills - postscript by Howard Brooking about his layout
  • Bus models by David Armitage
  • If Only.... - advice about layouts by Dave Fisher
  • Review: Belgium-Britain ferry wagons from Electrotren
  • Mick's message



19 (July 1999)

  • Report of the 1999 annual general meeting
  • Vernon Wood
  • Editorship available
  • Trade: hidden costs of importing PSM's A3; Firedrake Production's Jinty brake shoes, torpedo vent, BR/SNCF cupboard door mineral wagon, and Class 101 kits; Bulleid "West Country" rebirth proposal; Liquid Lead; Bill Bedford's (etch-maker) change of address
  • Library: "Platform Souls" reviewed
  • Dave Fisher describes an unusual solution to the DC 2-rail return loop current-shorting problem
  • Locos from scratch: David Armitage concludes his series on how to scratch build an LMS 3F "Jinty" 0-6-0T
  • Sharp Stewart - Paul Waters comments on the Electrotren model
  • A Modeller's Odyssey - Stuart Robinson describes his exhibition layout, Vale of Alyn Branch
  • Mick's Message - words from the membership secretary
  • Ukho Yard - Stuart Robinson describes his portable layout
  • HO articles in the modelling press - more info from Anthony Prosser
  • A scratch built Class 15 - John Allison describes how he built one on an Athearn chassis
  • Trade Extra (Anthony Prosser shares his HO related discoveries): Electrotren vans; WD 2-10-0 locomotive; HO scale rulers; A3s from Precision Scale Models
  • Heljan loco project: update from Martin Wykes
  • Terminus (Andrew Eatch): coaches v wagons; soldering on; etc.



18 (April 1999)

  • Ready to run British HO from Heljan - description of intended scheme
  • Notice of AGM on 24 April 1999 at The Burnt Post, Kenpas Highway (A45), Coventry
  • Editor wanted
  • Society web site - review by Andrew Eatch
  • Trade news: more A3s from PSM; 1:87 scale etches from Bill Bedford; kit building service from David Walker
  • Mick's Message
  • Locos from scratch: David Armitage tackles a 'Jinty' chassis in part 2 of his series
  • Supermodels, superquick - review of the Superquick range of card models and their adaptation to HO
  • The Ironstone Railway - Chris Arnold describes a real 'prototype for anything' location
  • Pendragon Falls revisited - Howard Brooking on the possibilities for narrow gauge British HO - and Giles Barnabe on the same subject
  • Eurotrack'99 - reports from Martin Wykes and David Armitage
  • Pregrouping stock for British HO - survey by Kenneth Clark
  • Sources of supply: Bill Fayers finds many accessories in Canada; Dave Fisher approaches DJH about their kit no. E135; Martin Wykes combs the Nuremburg show reports for items of interest; Andrew Eatch picks some items from the web site Stockwatch list



17 (January 1999)

  • New look for Satellite 1:87
  • Web site report
  • Advanced notice of AGM on 24 April 1999
  • Quinbourne model railway exhibition short report
  • Trade news: discount to members on Peter Young lorries; sightings of Lima mineral wagons; new mineral wagon kit from Firedrake Productions; reference to Kleinspoor's EM2/CL77/NS1500 electric loco
  • Warley National Model Railway Exhibition reports
  • Locos from scratch: part 1 of David Armitage's new series
  • Description of Malcolm Carlsson's model of his birthplace (by Stuart Morris)
  • Magazine articles about British HO (a comprehensive survey by Anthony Prosser)
  • Mick's Message: from the Membership Secretary
  • Köln 1998 international model railway exhibition reports
  • Tim Steven's top five books



16 (October 1998)

  • Society news: position of Hon. Sec; membership; Warley Show 1998; Watlington on tour 98
  • British outline 1:87 to get connected (Martin Wykes)
  • Kinmel Quarry: another layout idea from Giles Barnabe
  • Downsizing the Airfix/Dapol kit of the Drewry 204hp 0-6-0 diesel shunter (description and drawings by Phil Burkett)
  • SR rail-built signals: how to build them in 1:87 (David Armitage)
  • Effective design for small layouts (Tim Stevens)
  • Someone must make a start (view from John Allison)
  • Top 5 books



15 (July 1998)

  • A message from the President (David Armitage)
  • Society news: secretary; presidential address; membership
  • AGM report 1998
  • Why British 1:87? (Tim Stevens)
  • An outing for British HO: Howard Brooking on the Exe Model Railway Exhibition
  • The Burford Branch: Vernon Wood describes his classic British 1:87 layout
  • Dock Tank III: Mick Scarrow's review build of the Mercian Models 2F reaches the end of the line
  • Staines West: a layout idea by Giles Barnabe
  • Encounters with a van: Laurence Jones builds the SR van kit from Firedrake Productions
  • Firedrake Productions HO SR box van kit (review by Iain Rice)
  • More sources of supply: wheels; loco wheels; road vehicles; couplers; rolling stock (Paul Taylor)
  • Warley Show 1998 preview
  • Malcolm's Models help Bittern
  • Trade: Alexander Models USATC 0-6-0T; Firedrake



14 (April 1998)

  • Railway Modeller May 1998 to review Ian Lindsay 16t mineral wagon
  • Society news
  • Trade: Fleischmann and Lima bargains; Gaugemaster VW camper and London taxi; Allen Doherty BR GUV etches, update on complete range; Firedrake Productions; Mercian Model Rail product range; Ian Lindsay Models 16t wagon price correction; Alexander Models USATC 0-6-0T kit; Dart Castings
  • Eurotrack 98 report (Andrew Eatch and David Armitage)
  • Born in the USA: David Armitage reviews the Alexander Models 1:87 scale USATC 0-6-0 tank loco kit
  • Goods stock for British1:87: conversions for a pre-BR brake van, ex-LNER fitted open wagon, ex-LMS lowside, 16T BR mineral, Jouef plate wagon (Giles Barnabe)
  • Down at the Docks: part 2 of Mick Scarrow's review of the Mercian Models Fowler Dock Tank
  • Even more stuff for British 1:87 (survey by Anthony Prosser)
  • Kadee couplings (description by David Armitage)
  • NEM coupling pockets (description by Anthony Prosser)
  • Tacester - a layout by Laurence Jones
  • Description of back issues for sale



13 (January 1998)

  • Society news: membership; AGM; Eurotrack 98; Satellite 1:87; train collection of the late Malcolm Carlsson
  • Trade: Alexander Models USATC 0-6-0T kit; Firedrake 1:87 products; Ian Lindsay Models' BR 16.5t mineral wagon; Alec Tiranti; Squires Model & Craft Tools
  • More items for British 1:87 (listed by Andrew Eatch)
  • Fowler Dock Tank part 1: review of Mercian Models kit (Mick Scarrow)
  • Heavy metal from Oz: review of Ian Lindsay Models' BR 16.5 ton mineral wagon kit
  • Scale buses for British 1:87: Sam Kennard takes a critical look



12 (October 1997)

  • Society news
  • Trade: Kean Maygib machining service for diesel chassis, and more wheels; Lledo Bristol Lodekka; Firedrake Class 101 DMU
  • Athelstan Malcolm Carlsson 1913-1997
  • Passenger vehicles for British 1:87: Corgi Mercedes midi-bus; Efsi Jonkheer Bermuda coach; Lledo Leyland Olympian (ideas from Chris Arnold)
  • Warley Show 1997 (report by Andrew Eatch)
  • Some easy-to-make 1:87 scale fencing (Malcolm Carlsson)
  • Items suitable for British 1:87 (listed by Keith Trueman)
  • Power for British 1:87 "modern image" locomotives: part 2 of Phil Burkett's suggestions for powering diesels and electrics
  • Dart Castings Hay Cart in 1:87 (review by Mick Scarrow)
  • Model Power's two-storey house #490-609 and modern house #490-606



11 (July 1997)

  • Society news
  • Trade: Allen Doherty's etched coach sides, etc., full list; Firedrake CL101 and casting service
  • Where did all those old kits go? Pola "Mortimer" station, Pola switch towers, ex-Heljan signal box
  • Kirkley Mills - a new British outline layout in P87 (description by Howard Brooking)
  • British goods stock - liveries and wheels (extensive article by Giles Barnabe)
  • Improving Lima coaches - Mk1s get the brass treatment (upgrade using Allen Doherty etches) from Sam Kennard
  • Pantiles in 1:87: Malcolm Carlsson looks at the scenic side of the hobby
  • Getting the best from aerosols (by John Booth)
  • Power for British 1:87 "modern image" locomotives: Phil Burkett has been hard at work finding out what will drive what (Part 1)
  • Painting 1:87 scale figures (by Andrew Eatch)
  • Letters: Oops, P87 wheel width error correction
  • More on battery electrics



10 (May 1997)

  • Society news, including report of new constitution
  • Trade news: Humbrol Super Enamel
  • Exhibition reports: Eurotrack '97; Wealden personal layout show 1997
  • Report of EGM
  • Distribution of members (UK and world maps)
  • A rural industry for Southery (layout description by Giles Barnabe)
  • Proto:87 (P87) modelling standards explained (Malcolm Carlsson) (contains error, corrected in #11)
  • Working with resin kit parts
  • That Precursor letter - update on the MRN correspondence in #9
  • Supertrain 97 exhibition (report by Bill Fayers in Canada)
  • Letters: OO/HO; wheels and liveries; wheel standards; database
  • Sleeper spacing: prototypical, Peco and SMP



9 (February 1997)

  • Society news, including preview of Eurotrack '97
  • Trade news: Allen Doherty; Acorn Models Stanier 8F; "Firedrake 1:87"; Tillig flexitrack and flexipoints (brown rails); John Buxton's name-plate transfers for Country and Warship classes
  • Report from the 1996 AGM
  • The British 1:87 Scale Society's second public outing in Brisbane (Keith Truman)
  • The Cologne International Model Railway Exhibition 1996 (report by David Armitage)
  • 1:87 in the early 1950s: correspondence from Model Railway News 1951-2
  • Model Railroader report on the Tenshodo SPUD (summary by Malcolm Carlsson)
  • Useful gauges for scratchbuilding in HO (Malcolm Carlsson)
  • Letters: electric shunters; Modelpals; Allen Doherty kit parts
  • Dapol had Lima GWR brake vans for sale in Summer 1996



8 (November 1996)

  • Society news
  • Trade: Allen Doherty coach sides; Fiddelyard replacement drive system; Peter Young whitemetal road vehicles; Firedrake Productions; Branchlines Robinson (GCR) ROD 2-8-0; Alan Gibson Proto:87 wheels
  • Reports of the Society's presence at Railwells '96 and Warley '96 exhibitions
  • A diesel shunter for HO: conversion from Matchbox #MB24 (description by Chris Arnold)
  • Review of accessory products from Steam Era Models
  • Announcement that SR 12t van kit is available
  • More information about electric battery shunters
  • To glue...or not to glue (David Armitage discusses adhesives)
  • Promoting British 1:87 "down under" (Keith Trueman reports from Brisbane)
  • The Tenshodo SPUD: how to get the best from it (Malcolm Carlsson)
  • The Whittingham Railway - modelling suggestion
  • Make an LBSCR E1 0-6-0T from a J72 chassis and 'Terrier' body parts (Phil Burkett)



7 (August 1996)

  • Andrew J Eatch's first as editor
  • Society news, including sales survey 1996
  • Trade news, including Midland and Great Northern rolling stock from Railscale kits
  • Improve the Lima HO scale 20 ton standard BR brake van in an evening (described in detail by Keith Trueman) A consolidated and updated version of this article has been published in issue 64
  • Model the ROD electric battery shunter (description and drawings from Malcolm Carlsson)
  • The asylum railway (description by Andrew Eatch)



6 (May 1996)

  • Edited by Chris Ellis
  • Sources of supply: Jocadis/DJH WD 2-10-0 in HO; second-hand Lima; SR PLV kit
  • Random comments on wheel standards (by Malcolm Carlsson)
  • A few useful ideas
  • Self-powered underfloor drive units (SPUDs) (extensive description by Phil Burkett)
  • BRCW in Alco 244 implant shock! (Alco FA2 drive unit into Lima CL33 body)
  • Eurotrack '96 (report by Stephen Ellingham)



5 (February 1996)

  • Edited by Chris Ellis
  • Report of second AGM and convention
  • Future appearances at shows
  • Report from Nürnberg exhibition (by Chris Ellis)
  • Those ferry vans - which are true British loading gauge models?
  • A useful old-time tram model from German company IMU
  • HO model for 'Planet' from Bachmann 'John Bull' and coaches
  • Allen Doherty's etched brass parts for HO British models
  • Offer from John Buxton to produce meths-fix transfers in HO



4 (November 1995)

  • Edited by Phil Burkett
  • Matters arising from previous editions
  • Build a North British Loco Co. J82 or J83 0-6-0 (conversion from Dapol 'Terrier' described by Billy Hamilton)
  • Running gear: a survey of wheels, bogies, etc.
  • Warley '95 exhibition (report by David Armitage)
  • Southern Railways passenger luggage van kit from Keith Trueman described
  • The Belgian firm Jocadis announces availability of HO scale WD 2-8-0 and 2-10-0



3 (August 1995)

  • Edited by Phil Burkett
  • Ready to run a-go-go! British HO models and items in the pipeline
  • BR EM2/CL77 (NS Class 1500): the Philotrain brass model and the Kleinspoor kit discussed at length
  • Product review: Southern Pride 35mm wheelbase motor bogie
  • Build an SR Express bogie brake van (complete instructions by Phil Burkett)



2 (May 1995)

  • Edited by Phil Burkett
  • Matters arising from issue #1
  • Results of product survey
  • Electrotren ferry wagons. Kittle Hobby
  • Roco ferrywagons/tankers
  • Fleischmann SR 8' bogies as spares
  • Tenshodo GT-1 motor bogie
  • Lima HO British items destroyed: Dapol burns down during relocation
  • More commercially available items for British 1:87
  • Casting service available
  • Notice of AGM
  • And, in the beginning (feature by Malcolm Carlsson)
  • Correcting the height of the Electrotren #1480 Transfesa ferry van (David Armitage)
  • Converting a Lima 4-wheel tank wagon to a BR TTA 50 ton tank wagon (W B Hamilton)
  • Build a GW 'MACAW' bogie bolster wagon (complete instructions by Phil Burkett)
  • Modelling small parts in car body filler (Mick Scarrow)



1 (February 1995)

  • Edited by Phil Burkett
  • British 1:87 Scale Society launched!
  • Items currently available from the trade suitable for British 1:87 (HO) Scale (Phil Burkett)
  • Appeal for drawings
  • Commonwealth 8' 6" coach bogies - appeal for info
  • Eurotrack exhibition - Southampton 24-25 February 1995
  • Warley exhibition - NEC 7-8 October 1995
  • More commercially produced British 1:87 items?
  • Lima HO British items still available from Dapol