20 ton brake van

20 ton brake van built by Phil Burkett

By Phil Burkett

Prototype information

Standard BR brake van which was based on LNER design. Built in huge numbers, long-lived, and seen all over network in various liveries, including one in Rail Express Systems (Res) livery! There may still be the odd one in use on some obscure part of the network today. Certainly, a number are resident on the preserved system.

Base model

Lima BR 20 ton brake van.

Body work

Standard Lima with details added.


Standard Lima with buffer heads filed to flat profile and mould pips removed/filled. GW Toad footstep removed; extra running board added from 0.5mm (20 thou) styrene.


Steam Era Models (SEM) 10.5mm disc.


Van body Humbrol brown (sorry, can't remember the number); roof Humbrol #67 Tank Grey; chassis Humbrol #85 Satin Black.


Microscale RR gothic white scale 6 inch letters and numbers; each character applied separately (ouch!).


Kadee #46.


Torpedo vents, handrail, and chimney added to roof. Handrails on body all from Alan Gibson 0.33mm brass wire. Replacement lamp irons made from brass scrap.

A consolidated guide to improving the Lima model is published in issue 64 of Satellite 1:87

British 1:87 Scale Modelling