Class 21 North British Loco Co. Type 2 Bo-Bo diesel electric (D6100)

Playcraft #P837 D6100 diesel hydraulic locomotive


Operating company/organisation


Years of operation

1958 - 1971

Class numbers

Class 21: as depicted by model.
Class 29: as rebuilt, with extra grilles for the replacement engine, and mostly with four-character headcode panels.



Traction - diesel


Jouef for Playcraft

Model/catalogue/item number

BR green: P837
BR blue with yellow ends: P8371


Ready to run plastic model with metal parts.

Motive power replacement

The FA2 chassis from the Life-Like Proto 2000 range has near-correct bogie centres (101.6 mm instead of 99.8 mm). The bogies on this chassis may not clear the front bufferbeam valances and you may have to use Athearn GP9 bogies instead. To fit the Proto 2000 chassis correctly, you should narrow the inside measurement of the loco body shell to 29 mm. Other modifications to the original parts may also be necessary.

Check current availability of the Life-Like chassis with Model Junction.


See Dave Coxon's Playcraft Railways web site.

Total overhaul

See here and David Alexander's article in Satellite 1:87 issue 47.


Produced from 1961 to c.1968.


See Buying second-hand.

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