British Rail Class 42 'Warship'

Fleischmann CL42 modified by Phil Burkett

By Phil Burkett

Base model

Fleischmann item 4246 (BR green "Greyhound")

Body shell, glazing, detailing

Fleischmann original.


Original, with modifications to allow bogies to seat higher up into the body shell. (The original lugs were removed from the semi-circular recesses that the bogies slot into. New retaining beams of 2mm square cross-section were secured across the recesses to retain the bogies and to allow them to pivot properly. Thin plastic shims were glued to the bogie pivot surfaces to obtain the correct height.)


From a Fleischmann DB 221 model, with official Fleischmann upgrade kit 50 46 04 that includes a metal mass to give a flywheel effect. (The motor and drive train as supplied are perfectly adequate, and the original motor can anyway also be fitted with the upgrade kit.)

Drive train

From a Fleischmann DB 221 model.


Replacements: Roco RP25 11mm discs with the original Fleischmann gears fitted to them. (This gives all wheel electrical pick-up, whereas the original model features pickup from six of the eight wheels.)


Repaint into BR blue with yellow ends.


Renumbered D832 (one of the two preserved Class 42s). Waterslide BR logo. The model has subsequently been fitted with CGW etched and painted "Onslaught" nameplates.


Kadee #18 glued in place.

British 1:87 Scale Modelling