Class 42 'Warship' B-B diesel hydraulic

Fleischmann CL42 #4247 modified by Phil Burkett



Express passenger

Operating company/organisation


Years of operation

1958 - 1974
+ preservation




Model/catalogue/item number

BR green "Greyhound": 4246. BR blue "Glory": 4247.


Ready to run. "Overall length 210mm. Super detailing, livery and lettering. Inset windows. Interior details in driver's cab. 2 loco drivers in cab 2. Cast metal chassis. Drive on 4 wheels, of which 4 are fitted with traction tyres. Working headlights at each end, co-ordinated with the direction of travel."

Motive power



OnTracks: £112.60 (MAR07).
Discounted by Fleischmann to about £40 in 2008 to clear remaining stocks.


First produced 1977. Available new from stock from 1977 to 2008.


Any Fleischmann stockist.

Name boards

"Both locomotives come with three choices of name boards for special express trains. These name boards were affixed to the front of the loco before the train departed. BR used these locomotives for all types of trains." The name boards shown in the 1998/99 catalogue are "Torbay Express", "Cornish Riviera Express" and "The Mayflower".


Locomotives #4246 and #4247 take Fleischmann slot coupling nos. 6516 (Profi), 6520 (hook type) and 6523 (loop type).


"Most Fleischmann cars and locomotives that do not have 'NEM' coupler pockets will use the #39 coupler mounted on the original pin or screw hole." See
However, the original pin will not hold the 30-series draft gear box securely, and the original screw hole is not wide enough to take the Kadee mounting screw. For the Class 42, one solution is to enlarge the mounting hole to 2.0mm, and continue through to make a 2mm hole in the buffer moulding directly above.The Kadee mounting screw will then be an interference fit in the chassis and the buffer moulding, and will keep the draft gear box firmly in place. Another suggestion, from Brian C., is to tap a thread into the hole rather than to enlarge it: "There is enough metal to hold the screw if you do not overtighten it, and the result also allows you to reinsert the plastic pin if you change your mind in the future". Brian suggests using a 2mm tap, but this will mean using a 2mm metric screw rather than the Kadee original.

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