GNSR Diagram 47 six-wheel coach

GNSR coach by Ken Clark and George Mitcheson

By Ken Clark and George Mitcheson

Base model

None. This was constructed mainly from etched brass parts from Worsley Works.

Body work

Etched brass parts (sides with separate door droplights and ventilators, ends, end footsteps, solebars and top footboard, headstocks, floor pan and roof).


Etched brass parts to make a dynamic chassis using the Cleminson system that allows easy movement of six-wheel vehicles through small radii curves.


Gibson 4011. 12mm Mansell wheels on 24.5mm axles.


Undercoat is Halfords grey primer. Halfords Daewoo ruby red for the lower panels. Peugeot antelope beige for the upper panels. Polly Scale Paints PRR Tuscan red for droplight window frames. Polly Scale Paints tarnished steel for the roof, footboards and chassis. Final coat of Humbrol Enamel matt varnish.


Waterslide decals designed on computer by Lorenzo Ricotti and produced on an ALPS printer.


Kadees will be used when the model is finished.


Axle boxes, small coach buffers, and T-shaped handles from the Wizard Models 1:76 scale range. Grab rails in brass wire. Other details in plastic rod and tubing.

This project is described in full in issue 68 of Satellite 1:87

British 1:87 Scale Modelling