BR Class 55

Deltic by David Alexander

By David Alexander

Base model

Lima (now Hornby) Class 55.

Cabs and nose ends

Original, reduced in all dimensions by cutting and shutting. Original detailing removed and new hand-crafted details added.

Body sides and roof

Scratch built, using coach roofs for tumblehomes and roof curve. Original grilles cut down and reinserted.


Scratch built. Bogie sideframes are original Lima/Hornby, which are 1:87 scale.


Hand-crafted from staples, fuse wire, aluminium tube of varying diameters and plastic strip and rod. Roof fan grilles are from the Shawplan range, intended for a 1:76 Class 47.

This project is described in full in issue 60 of Satellite 1:87

British 1:87 Scale Modelling