Chris Arnold's home layout

The view on this page shows most of the layout. There is also a fiddle yard ‘off-screen’ to the right. The station buildings are a ready-made Hornby item and a kit by Bilteezi. Proprietary buildings on the layout have been modified for H0, but only when necessary. This is a ‘working heritage’ railway, as there is a mix of old-style trains with very modern road vehicles. Traction for the mixed freight service is provided by a four-wheel industrial diesel, and the steam passenger service is provided by a Pug pulling two Bulleid coaches. A popular row of houses from the card range made by Superquick has been put to good use on Grangeburn’s high street. Chris’s extensive use of backdrops gives depth and completeness to the layout. The two shops are a Hornby model: the name boards and window displays make the shops look truly in use. Other shops on the layout are scratch-built, with some Bilteezi parts used. The main dairy building on the left is from a Bilteezi kit. Grangeburn retains its traditional coal operation: the main building is a Wills kit. Track is by Peco, and the layout is an implementation of the classic Inglenook pattern.

There are more photos of this layout in Satellite 1:87, issue 56.

Chris Arnold's 'Grangeburn' layout

British 1:87 Scale Modelling