Vauxhall front grille trims

Richard Sweetman's Vauxhall front grille trim

Turn your Opels into Vauxhalls

Richard Sweetman writes:

"Are you fed up with all your 1/87 scale Vauxhalls being Opels? What gives them away? Why, the lack of the Vauxhall V on the front grille. Well, I have the answer for you. A set of stainless steel frets designed for simple replacement of the Opel badge on the front of your cars. The frets are simple to fix, needing no glue or adhesive, only a coating of varnish to hold them in place. They are specifically designed for the Wiking Astra, the Herpa Vectra, the Herpa Omega and the Rietze Calibra, but will fit almost all relevant 1/87 scale Opel cars."




Manufacturer and supplier

Richard Sweetman


Stainless steel etched fret comprising seven grille trims:
3 x Astra
2 x Vectra
1 x Calibra
1 x Omega
(although they can be used on other cars).


£3.00 (JUN02)


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