Bristol LD6G 'Lodekka' bus

Bristol LD6G 'Lodekka' bus


Years of production

All LDs: 1949-1968
LD6G: 1957 onwards (5217 manufactured)



Lledo (Corgi)  

Model/catalogue/item number

DG075006 Western
DG075009 Midland Red
DG075016 Southdown Motor Services Ltd. (2009 release)
DG075018 Western SMT (2010 release)
DG075019 Devon General (2010 release)
Other liveries have been issued.


Die cast metal, plastic and metal details.

The model scale is 1:86.5 (averaging the scales for height, width and length).


£2.99 (OCT2001)
£4.88 (APR2009)
£5.99 (MAR2011)
£2.99 (SEP2012)

Availability and suppliers

In 2009, new versions of items from the former Lledo range were available from the Corgi website under the 'Days Gone' brand, including the Bristol Lodekka.


'Bristol' is the name of the manufacturer: the vehicles were used all over Britain (except in London, where the similar-looking Routemaster dominated).
The 'Lodekka' name refers to the low height of the downstairs floor obtained by offsetting the drive shaft, not to the height of the vehicle overall.

British 1:87 Scale Modelling