10ft power bogie for CL33 diesel locomotive

Southern Pride P300 motorbogie


Operating companies/organisations

BR and successors

Years of operation

1960s to present


Manufacturer and supplier

Southern Pride


"This unit has been designed to fit underneath any make of multiple unit with minimal instrusion into the body interior. It uses a specially designed mounting swivel and plate giving it a low centre of power application. Pickup is by (1) brass wire via shorting out bushes (2) brass wire bearing on wheel treads. Features: 35mm [= 10ft] wheelbase, etched brass frames, Mashima flat can motor, all bearings / gears, Romford 12mm [» 40in] wheels, ...shorting out bushes and brass pick up wire. Full instructions provided.... Side frames of appropriate type will be required."

Motive power

Mashima flat can motor


£28.00 (AUG2001)


Please check with manufacturer

British 1:87 Scale Modelling