Drive bogies ('Black Beetle' from SEM)

Black Beetle 2-axle power bogie

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Powered by Mashima 1220 or 1224 flat can motor. Wheelbases from 25.5mm to 38mm. Wheel sizes from 9.6mm to 12.25mm.

Wheelbases from 25.5mm to 29.5mm use the Mashima 1220 motor. Speed at 12V is approximately 3.3 scale miles per hour per scale inch of wheel diameter.

Wheelbases from 29.75 to 38mm use the Mashima 1224 motor. Speed at 12V is approximately 2.3 scale miles per hour per scale inch of wheel diameter.

Height of centre pivot above rail is 12.4mm plus half the wheel diameter, e.g. with 10.5mm wheels the centre pivot is approximately 17.6mm above the rail level.

All have 25mm pinpoint axles as standard and include a bracket for fixing sideframes to. Note that sideframes are not included.

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29.75mm (representing 8ft 6in) wheelbase with 12.25mm (representing 3ft 6in) spoked wheels.


As D1 but with disc wheels.


28.0mm (representing 8ft) wheelbase with 10.5mm (representing 3ft) disc wheels


29.75mm wheelbase with 10.5mm disc wheels


34.0mm wheelbase with 12mm disc wheels


25.5mm (representing 7ft 3in) wheelbase with 10.5mm spoked wheels.

Other sizes can be made to order, e.g. different wheelbases/wheel size combinations. Also RP25-88 profile wheels.

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British 1:87 Scale Modelling