ROD 2-8-0

Robinson/ROD 2-8-0


Operating companies/organisations

Procured by the Ministry of Munitions for the Railway Operating Division (ROD) of the Royal Engineers in France. It was a War Department standard design 2-8-0 locomotive, based on Robinson's Great Central design, with train heating equipment for passenger and mixed traffic work, plus 'continental' steam brake. From 1923 they were used by GWR, LMS and LNER (but not by SR). Between 1919 and 1922 a few were used by SECR and LSWR. Several saw industrial use in Australia, with the last still being used there until 1973. One locomotive is preserved in the UK and two in Australia.

Years of operation

1917 - 1966


Manufacturer and supplier

Branchlines of Exeter



British 1:87 Scale Modelling