Class 77 Co-Co type EM2 electric locomotive

Philotrain Class 77 Co-Co type EM2 electric locomotive

Operating company/organisation

BR (as Type EM2 and Class 77)
NS (as class 1500)

Years of operation

In Britain, on the Woodhead line: 1952-1968.
In the Netherlands: 1970+

Technical data

Voltage: 1500 V DC overhead.


Manufacturer and supplier


Catalogue numbers

72A: NS 1501-1506, NS version, 248 models built, with assorted numbers.
72B: NS 1501 with 'Diana' nameplates, 11 built.
72C: NS 1501 as preserved by BSSO in Rotterdam (no NS logos), 6 built.
72D: NS 1502 with "Electra' nameplates, 43 built.
72E: NS 1505 with 'Ariadne' nameplates, 24 built.
72F: BR27000 'Electra' in BR Brunswick green (as running in Holland during the 1989 jubilee), 28 built.
72KIT: NS 1500, in kit form, 140 sold.


Brass, ready-to-run or kit. Some fitted out for 3-rail ac operation, with Märklin-sized wheels.


Dfl 1540 for built locos (Dfl 1590 for BR green version) and Dfl 875 for kits.


Limited edition for 1988-89


Background information: Scale Model Trains, October 1988

British 1:87 Scale Modelling