Mk 1 coaching stock

Lima Mk1 LMS coaches #9321 and #9146 and #9234

Lima coaches #9320 and #9145 and #9232 

Lima Mk1 BR green coaches #9327 and #9152 and #9235

Lima Mk1 GWR coaches #9326 and #9151 and #9233


Operating company/organisation

British Railways, British Rail, preservation societies;
also in other liveries by private operators

Years of operation

From 1949





Assembled, plastic with some metal parts.
Couplers: continental loop-type, moulded to bogies.
Wheelsets: axle length 24.5mm, wheel diameter 11.5mm. (See replacement.)


Remove the roof by pushing sideways at two points 80mm from each end on one side then the other to release the lugs inside, then by pulling in the middle of the roof sharply to release the ends. Prise aside the lugs holding the top of the glazing unit and use slips of paper to stop them relocating. Lift the interior unit and glazing unit clear. Remove the metal weight if it is loose. While applying a gentle downwards force on the chassis, carefully prise the locating loops on the chassis away from the lugs on the body, just enough to release them. When all four side lugs on the chassis are free, pull the chassis down sharply to free the ends.

Reducing the ride height


New parts required (per coach):
2 plastic discs (washers) 6mm outside diameter, 1mm thick, with a 4mm hole drilled centrally;
2 sets of plastic discs 12mm outside diameter, each set with a thickness of 2.5mm;
2 plastic plates 26.5 wide, 35mm long, 0.5mm thick, with a 4mm hole drilled on the centre line 16mm from one end.

  1. Remove the bogies by pulling them downwards sharply.
  2. Disassemble the coach (see above).
  3. Enlarge the bogie pivot holes in the chassis to 13mm diameter.
  4. Glue a new plate (see diagram) onto the top of the chassis with its 4mm hole positioned centrally over one of the 13mm holes.
  5. Glue 12mm discs with a total thickness of 2.5mm centrally over the 4mm hole on the top of the plate.
  6. Using the existing 4mm hole as a guide, drill a 4mm hole through the 12mm discs.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 8 for the other end.
  8. Remove the raised arcs ("eyebrows") from the pivot surface of the bogie.
  9. Before reassembling the coach, reattach the Lima bogies and push a 6mm disc (washer) over their lugs to secure them.
  10. Reassemble the coach.


Produced from 1976 to c1980.


Cambridge Custom Transfers
- Sheet BL30 BR coach roundel crests
- Sheet BL32 BR Southern Region set numbers
- Sheet BL34 BR coach window labels (FIRST, NO SMOKING, SECOND, LADIES ONLY)


See Buying second-hand.

Parts for conversion to other coach types

See Mk 1 coach sides, ends and floors.

Catalogue numbers (#), with liveries and nominal operating dates




Corridor Brake1

Corridor Composite2





Diag.181 BSK

Diag.126 CK

Diag.24 RB

Midland Region






Models incorrectly marked as LMS


crimson & cream






blue & grey





Southern Region






Western Region

chocolate & cream





Models incorrectly marked as Great Western




1049 in service

1309 in service

127 in service

1 Corridor Brake Third until 1956, Corridor Brake Second after 1956.

2 First/Third until 1956, First/Second after 1956.

British 1:87 Scale Modelling