Night ferry coach (CIWL Type F)

Jouef - Night ferry coach


Operating company/organisation


Years of operation

1936-1980 (suspended 1939-1947)

Coach numbers

1936 delivery: 3788 to 3799 (twelve cars, five of which were lost through wartime activities).
1946 delivery: 3800 to 3805 (six cars).
1952 delivery: 3983 to 3989 (seven cars).


3792 preserved at the NRM, York.
3801 in static use from 1984 at Sheffield Park, Bluebell Railway.
3987 is preserved by CFTV in northern France.



"Jouef for Playcraft"

Catalogue number



Ready to run, mainly plastic parts. The coach body is from Jouef's model of the Continental-gauge Type Y, but with modified tooling to blank off the doors at one end. The separate roof has a lower profile than the one fitted to the Type Y model. The design represents the post-war builds, with factory-installed blanking panels at one end in place of doors, and with no window louvres. Pre-war builds had louvres in the compartment windows, and some may have had doors in all four corners (two doors were subsequently blanked off). The markings represent the pre-1967 situation, with the company name given as "Compagnie internationale des wagons-lits et des grands express européens" along the cantrail and in the metalic coat of arms on the lower sides. From 1967, the company name was changed to "Compagnie internationale des wagons-lits", this name appearing along the cantrail (the coat of arms was removed). The uppermost yellow line should be above the company name, with no line beneath it. The destination panel should read "London-Paris", or even "London-Brussels", when travelling towards the Continent.

The supplied wheels are 11.5mm diameter on 25mm axles.

Manufacturing date



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Notes from Arjen

The model is based on Jouef's standard CIWL Type Y sleeper. At one end the doors are blanked off to represent the heater compartment, leaving only a very small window. The roof moulding was changed to represent the lower GB height, and 'Paris-London' destination boards were added as waterslide transfers. The other Type Y inscriptions were retained, so the coach is incorrectly numbered 3933. The nice thing about this coach is that it is almost true to H0 scale. The old CIWL coaches from Jouef all look much too small, but of course the real ferry sleepers were built to a smaller profile. Actually, the Jouef 'F' is about 1 cm too long. The number of windows is also correct. But as one might expect, the detailing is really very crude. To start with they really need new bogies, and probably it would be better to etch new sides to represent the correct window shape and the louvres.

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