Sentinel tram engine - ex-LNER Y10

Sentinel tram engine ex-LNER Y10 by Phil Burkett

By Phil Burkett

Base model

None. This model was scratch-built using the basic dimensions of length and wheelbase, and from pictures, because no drawings were available at the time. The chimney arrangement was guessed, but subsequently proved to be not too far out.

Cab and body

Fabricated from 20thou styrene. The central water tank was shaped around a lump of lead. The spacing of the rectangular holes in the skirting was adjusted to suit the WB28 SPUD on which it ran. (The prototype had a short wheelbase of 6ft, or 21mm in 1:87 scale.)


Buffers from the Airfix/Dapol 15T railway crane kit. Tank filler hatch from a Dapol 1:76 scale Terrier. Handrails from Gibson 0.33mm brass wire. Small handrail knobs from Gibson. Other parts fabricated from styrene and from wire.


Humbrol #21 gloss black for the body. Humbrol #19 red for the buffer beams. Matt-varnished over all after application of the transfers, which were from HMRS.

Motor unit

Tenshodo WB28 SPUD (4-wheel, 28mm wheelbase).


Kadee #26 (long, centre-set shank).

British 1:87 Scale Modelling