Polybulk wagon

Phil Burkett - Polybulk wagon

By Phil Burkett

Base model

Lima/Jouef/Rivarossi Continental curved-side bogie grain wagon.

Body work

Body removed from chassis, sides separated from top, portions removed from left and right of top, sides and top reunited and attached to chassis, new end panels and detailing constructed.


Central raised plate added to inside to provide location and support for modified body.


Roco 40264: RP-25, 10.5mm diameter


Humbrol no.64 Light Grey and no.80 Grass Green. Overcoated with Humbrol no.35 clear-gloss before applying the decals, then overcoated with Humbrol no.135 clear-satin to finish. Spray painted.


Fox Transfers 1:87 scale decals sheet FE35100 (Traffic Services Ltd Polybulk).


Kadee no.41


U-channel for the diagonal braces. Buffers from ABS sheet. Ferry hooks slimmed and refitted. Platform handrails from brass wire, platform from scored ABS, scale ladder fitted. (L'Obsidienne once made etched components for this wagon, but these have not proved easy to obtain.)

A fully illustrated step-by-step guide to making this model is available from the Society.

British 1:87 Scale Modelling