EWS Class 66

EWS Class 66 by Phil Burkett

By Phil Burkett

Base model

None. This model was created from etched brass parts, modified proprietary parts, and specially made detailing parts.

Body shell

Worsley Works etched brass parts assembled by Barry Darwin.


Kato SD40-2, slimmed by milling.

Motor, drive train, wheels

Kato original.


Clear plastic sheet.


Spray-can-painted using colours from the Halfords acrylic car paint range.


Home-produced waterslide transfers, printed on ALPS printer. Lining from MicroScale range.


Kadee #58 on original Kato mount (when fitted).


Cast in white metal from hand-crafted patterns by Phil Burkett: buffers, roof-mounted radio pod, exhaust unit, lamp units, sand boxes, MU connector points, high-intensity lamps, fuel tank sides, battery boxes.


Original Kato DCC-ready, but rewired from PCB to wheel pickups because the slimming of the chassis means that the orginal side conductors cannot be used. Subsequently fitted with LokSound decoder (in centre of body) featuring Class 66 sound by South West Digital.

British 1:87 Scale Modelling