Queenborough Cement Company van from about 1900

Lorenzo Ricotti - Queenborough Cement Company van

By Lorenzo Ricotti

Base model

None. This is a scratchbuilt model.

Body work, chassis

Drawn using computer software and cut automatically from styrene sheet on a desktop cutter.


Steam Era Models (SEM) 10.5mm 8-spoke, mounted on a length of brass tube, with a thick brass wire inserted in the tube. One wheelset is able to rock: a nylon screw (Kadee coupler box mounting screw) presses down on the axle from above to retain the wheelset.


Airbrushed with Revell matt black 8, Revell semigloss grey 371, and Humbrol 182 black grey (FS35042), plus a nondescript shade of brown for the occasional touchup.


Waterslide transfers, designed using computer software and printed on an ALPS printer.




Brake gear from hand-cut, machine-cut, and pre-shaped styrene sheet. Rivet heads from waterslide rivet sheets (imperial dimensions). Buffers in styrene, with parts from the scrapbox. Axleboxes from a pattern intended for use with the Society 9ft and 10ft underframes, cast from a silicone mould.

The main parts to make this model are available from Lorenzo Ricotti through the british-ho Yahoo! Group

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