Foster Yeoman SW1001

Foster Yeoman SW1001 by Lorenzo Ricotti

By Lorenzo Ricotti

Base model

LifeLike S-1/S-4

Body shell, glazing, detailing

Body shell from Island Modelworks. Glazing from suitably shaped clear polystyrene pieces, glued in place with white glue. Original LifeLike tanks reused. Custom window frames from 0.2mm plasticard. Protective cover on the bonnet top vent from steel mesh square and brass strip. Silencer box from plasticard. Buffers from a Faller tamper machine kit (e.g. #16072), with anchor plates from a 0.2mm plasticard square. Handrails from brass wire. Lighting from brass 1mm diameter tube and optic fibre.


From the LifeLike S-1/S-4, slightly modified.

Motor, drive train, wheels

Original LifeLike. Fitted with a standard sized Tsunami decoder with non-turbocharged EMD 645 sound.


Revell and Railmatch enamels, oils from the Van Dyke range, and Railmatch acrylics.


Graphics drawn with Inkscape and waterslide decals printed on an ALPS printer.


Kadee #5.

For Lorenzo's full description of this project, see here on his Wordpress blog.

British 1:87 Scale Modelling