Mustang P-51D (RAF Mustang IV)

Mustang P-51D


Operating organisation

RAF, US air forces, other air forces.
Private owners.

Years of production





Model/catalogue/item number

1170: US air forces markings


Kit, plastic. Parts for two complete aircraft.
Markings for RAF not supplied (JAN2000).


$19.98 (JAN2001)


c.2000 release



An RAF Mustang colour scheme

"...natural metal Mustang IV (P-51D) in RAF service in overall silver with blue trim and blue and white chequers on the nose. The name "Dooleybird" in large red letters adorn the port fuselage side."From Dutch Decal sheet K4/1 for 1:48 scale(These decals are assembled from a 1:48 scale sheet.)

Service history of RAF Mustangs

A number of P-51D and K Mustangs were supplied to the RAF under Lend-Lease. An initial batch of 281 planes was delivered in 1944, and were designated Mustang IV by the RAF. They became standard equipment with Nos 19, 64, 65, 112, 118, 122, 154, 213, 149, 260, 303 (Polish), 306 (Polish), 442 and 611 Squadrons. 594 P-51Ks were also delivered to the RAF under the designation Mustang IV.

The serial numbers of the Mustang IVs supplied to the RAF were as follows: KH641/KH670 (P-51D), KH671/KH870 (P-51K), KM100/KM492 (ex-USAAF P-51K), KM493/KM743 (ex-USAAF P-51D), KM744/KM799 (not delivered), and TK589 (Ex USAAF P-51D 44-13332).

RAF Mustang IVs based in England were kept busy during the latter part of 1944 by the V-1 "buzz bomb" threat, destroying 232 of these missiles by September 5.

On April 16, 1945, Mustangs of 611 Squadron were the first RAF aircraft to greet their Russian allies over Berlin.

At the end of the war in Europe, the RAF took delivery of 600 Mustang IVs in India for use against the Japanese in Burma and beyond. However, Japan surrendered before these could be put to use, and most of these aircraft were scrapped.

After the war, a large number of the RAF's Mustangs were returned to the USA, but a few continued to serve with the RAF as late as May of 1947 when they were replaced by British-built equipment.

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