Anglicising the Roco English Electric shunter (the "08")

Though this procedure was last dealt with in the July 1994 issue of Scale Model Trains, it is worth saying a few words here for anyone with the most recent production version of the basic NS model. Roco have made it rather easier, in fact, for the unwanted Dutch headlamps just unplug and miniature handrails are supplied to be affixed in pre-drilled holes. The main work beyond this involves removal of the roof beacon and filling its locating hole, and cutting new locker doors for the side lockers, from thick paper and over-laying them over the Dutch doors after they have had their hinges and detail filed off.

Though modellers popularly call this an '08', it is strictly speaking a Class 11 (early BR or LMS production) if you use it with lockers as fitted. The Class 08 locomotives nearly all had extra side lockers partly covering the forward side panels and these panels in turn had less deep opening segments. If you model a true 08, therefore, you need to add the extra lockers with plastic card. Furthermore the basic side boxes on the true 08 were half a panel shorter than on the Class 11, so if you model any type other than a Class 11 (or the GWR equivalent) you need to do some remodelling of all the side locker detail depending on the actual locomotive you depict. Or, if you model an 08 with these lockers removed you still need to file and re-mark the side doors to half height (measured from the top). There have been some variations in locker style and fitting on 08s as study of photos and/or the real thing will reveal. With a blue era loco, either as a Class 11 or Class 08, the front end ladders must be removed. Paint finish can be to choice, the original plain black, early green without warning panels, later green with, and blue. Interesting was the Western Region 1 SXXX which as built in 1949 was in GWR green lettered British Railways in GWR style and carried GWR style cast number plates on the cab side. Later they were transferred to LMR management and were then repainted in black with the cast number plates removed.

The Roco HO diesel shunter finished as a BR Class 11, a fairly straightforward task. Note driver in cab and Kadee short shank couplers in the NEM coupler boxes. Loco is in late 1950s style, with dark green body, red buffer beams, and later style BR totem. Cab handrails are left unpainted.

The model is given two small dummy electric lights, British style, from scrap plastic, at each end, with a central lamp iron, though four lights and more lamp irons were carried by some. The side locker has new 2 1/4' panels and a new lid. An important change is to saw away the footboard (for a riding shunter, NS) each side of cab.

Roco EE shunter being sawn
The Dutch headlamp mouldings can be unplugged and the projecting transparencies are sawn off flush. Remove the light bulbs from inside (take off the body) to obviate a glow inside. The roof beacon has been removed and the hole plugged.

A further possibility is the original LMS production type of 1944-45 which (with BR-built repeats) became Class 11. This is 7120 when new, in black LMS finish. It has only two lower lamp irons and one upper one, no electric lights, and two extra vent plates at cantrail level.

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