Port Andham

John Allison's highly portable exhibition layout

The name is 'Port Andham'. This is derived from the Latin word 'portandum' meaning suitable for carrying. Power supply is rechargeable batteries (8 x AAs) in a holder, plugged into a 3.5mm mono socket at front. Thus a mains 16V AC transformer with a suitable plug can be used instead if desired. The Gaugemaster panel controller works equally well on DC as on AC, though with lower top speed - immaterial on a shunting layout.

Stock and batteries go into a cardboard drawer which slides into the top of the folded layout. A plastic covered steel rod is the carrying handle. Layout, stock and batteries thus form a complete self-contained unit. There is an optional fiddle extension made of Meccano, which is attached with two screw eyes. This also can be carried on top.

Baseboard side bearers are balsa. Top surface and backscene are plywood. The backscene folds back on itself, and is held in place with a spring clip. Baseboard in three-piece, hinged together, thus:

Note that boxes on the side scene enable vans to be left "inside" the end buildings at the right hand end. At the other end the tracks go under the doors, giving the impression that the tracks extend beyond.

Catbrae layout

British 1:87 Scale Modelling